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Constructing a series – 28.02.12

It occurred to me that creating a series of photographic works is similar in many ways to the process of composing an album of music. The pictures stand up as individual pieces but equally support and compliment each other as a collected work. They may be encountered in a specific linear fashion (which may be ideal […]

Reading and researching

I’m looking into trees and their associations in art, in particular how romantic landscape painters interpreted greek mythology…  Daphne transforming herself into a tree to escape the clutches of Apollo: Apollo and Daphne, J.W. Waterhouse 1908

Second Life 27.02.12

I’ve registered on Second Life…your world, your imagination…apparently. Second Life is an online virtual world free to access online where each user creates an avatar of themselves to travel around and interact with the virtual environment. Somewhere between a game and a social networking site, I’ve done some exploring and I think I can use this […]

24.02.12 – online shop & new blog

Need to create a online shopping option to sell prints and other items: Looking at Google Checkout and Paypal – Paypal Standard seems to be most easy and straightforward solution Trying to tie in Facebook, Twitter with this blog to document the project. Sort of working, but time investment is heavy!! I still prefer my […]


work including Really pleased to announce I have been awarded the Artquest Selling Out bursary. Following on from a handmade book of postcards I produced last year, I am creating a new series of photographs which will be contained within a new limited edition book. As part of the terms of the bursary I will […]

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