Second Life 27.02.12

I’ve registered on Second Life…your world, your imagination…apparently.

Second Life

Second Life is an online virtual world free to access online where each user creates an avatar of themselves to travel around and interact with the virtual environment. Somewhere between a game and a social networking site, I’ve done some exploring and I think I can use this to develop my current strand of work.

Other stuff occupying my time:

twitter feed, tying in with other media, stumbleupon?

tumbler? I would like to use my own website as main place to blog, but my current site construction limits what will show. More on this at a later date…

Looking into crowd for crowd funding


Look into online shopping cart  – Paypal, Google

Marketing – how to announce the bursary award? Tie-in with crowd funding (pre-selling)

Consider how to increase the edition number – up to 100 at least?

Possibly 30 + 5 AP limited edition plus 100 POD (Print On Demand) copies of book


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