Monthly Archives: May 2012

Weather 30.05.12

Having organised access etc. I travelled to Margate to shoot. I’ve been waiting for a cloudy day after all the sunshine recently. The forecast was not ideal and it proved annoyingly accurate. Torrential rain made the road I was standing on into a river. Attempted to set up bulky 5×4 camera between showers with only a rain mac […]

Print On Demand options…

I discussed with AND Publishing different print media and the relative qualities offered by different sources: Blurb Books – seems to be the overall best option for high quality POD especially photobooks. Print quality is good and they offer a large range of options including Proline which are premium heavier papers and finishes. They offer easy Adobe […]

Shoot Preparation

Shoot is arranged for 30.05.12, access is agreed with 2 locations. As I will have limited time in one of the locations I am conducting lens and light meter tests to enable me to work as quickly as possible. Using a dslr to compose shots and double check metering may offer a quicker method. I have […]

And meeting 25.05.12

Had a very productive meeting with Lynn at And Publishing at Byam Shaw Reading Room. Simply talking through your ideas to someone on the same wavelength can help immensely. We talked about the various components I am planning to include in my forthcoming artist’s book: poster wrap cover small leaflet inside how to combine and finish the […]

Book schedule planning 24.05.12

I’m aiming to get 3, 4 or even 5 (depending on budget) different elements printed and brought together for my current book project.  1/ Book 2/ wraparound poster cover, 3/ inkjet print 4/ one colour leaflet 5/postcard. Aiming for a deadline of monday 15th July I’ve planned a detailed schedule of when all the different […]

And Publishing

I have a meeting scheduled with And Publishing to discuss printing one aspect of my book. A single colour leaflet that I’m planning to add to the main book. Based at Byam Shaw Reading Room they have lots of info on various printers and different approaches to self-publishing here, plus they offer workshops etc.

Hans-Peter Feldman, Sepentine Gallery 22.05.12

Eclectic collections of paintings, photographs, objects. Some are altered eg. adding a red nose to victorian portraits, others are simply brought together. Collections of found photos made into a prolific number of artist’s books entitled ‘Bilder’. I managed to get a free photo of the Queen that Feldman gives away to visitors. Great, thought provoking […]