Permissions to photograph and use images 21.05.12

Hornby Kit

Hornby Model Railways kindly gave permission for me to use images and content from the R.275 Modern House model (no longer in production). Using the company details on the model instructions and website I called Hornby.

I spoke to Simon Kohler marketing manager who was extremely helpful. I explained details about the work I am intending to make:

  • Artists book
  • Fine art project
  • Limited edition, small number of copies
  • Reproduce images of the model parts, instructions and packaging

And sent him links to previous work on my website. Simon verbally gave permission and we confirmed our conversation by email.  The terms of use are that I credit Hornby Hobbies Ltd which I am happy to do.

Actual House (Exterior shots)

Simon was also instrumental in introducing me to Tom Carfrae deisgner of the model who still lives at the house. I spoke to Tom on a number of occasions and he was happy for me to photograph the exterior of his house which the model is based on.

Empty House: (Interior shots)

Originally I searched online for property for sale in Margate. After trawling through many houses I found one that looked similar to the R.275 Model, it was newly decorated and empty. Around this time I confirmed with Hornby where the actual house was and this one was identical. I contacted the estate agent Oakwood Homes and explained my project and eventually arranged permission to photograph the interior. I needed about 4 hours at the property so they were reluctant to spend this amount of time there with me. I suggested that I leave them a deposit in exchange for the keys and agreed to leave my diving license as collateral.


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