Print On Demand options…

I discussed with AND Publishing different print media and the relative qualities offered by different sources:

Blurb Books – seems to be the overall best option for high quality POD especially photobooks. Print quality is good and they offer a large range of options including Proline which are premium heavier papers and finishes. They offer easy Adobe Indesign template downloads and I find this easier than using software offered by many others.

Lulu Books – Print quality average to good. Limited for photobooks, more for author books. I noticed they do a cream coloured paper for text pages. Lots of options for papers and binding.

Ubyu Books – Quality to rival Blurb with slightly different finishing options and nice touches such as marker ribbons. I printed 2 proof books with them and was happy with the quality. In my opinion price is high and communication was slow.

HP Magcloud Magazines – printed in USA but quick, full colour, good option for this format.

The Newspaper Club Newspapers – Great option for a lo-fi approach. London based, colour, B&W, cheap option for large multiples.

and publishing examples

Much more info on AND’s website here


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