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R.275 Modern House Small initial statement about the limited edition book and new page on blog inviting email enquiries for news updates about the publication. Advertisements

Dye not Pigment

For an exhibition later this year I’m looking for a print solution that will fade in sunlight, had a brief conversation with John at London Print Studio. He suggests dye not pigment prints. I know about these from fabric printing, which is steamed & washed to fix the dye. So if the print is not fixed the […]

Inkjet fade tests

I’ve long been interested in oxidative fading. The process by which ink fades when in contact with UV light. I’ve done various tests mostly on c-type prints in natural sunlight but I’ve recently been researching the effects on inkjet prints. Stephen Livick did thorough tests on inkjet prints and Nifty Stuff is another good resource. Whilst […]

Book structure

The structure of the book is coming together. I’m pricing 250mm x 200mm landscape, 40 printed pages, hardback cover, end papers, dust jacket, tipped in A6 booklet and 9×7 inch print. I work metric (mm) for design details and imperial (inch) for photographic prints, it makes sense to keep to these established precepts. Still looking for […]


Alfred Siteglitz Equivalents, over 220 unmanipulated photographs of the sky taken between 1925 and 1934. The pictures function as metaphors of emotional experience at the moment the picture was taken and are some of the first abstract photographic art. 1923. Gelatin silver print, 3 5/8 x 4 5/8″ (9.2 x 11.8 cm). Alfred Stieglitz Collection. Gift of Georgia […]

Scanning values

Margate Sky section 022

Margate Sky 022 pre-retouch

Virtual Sistine Chapel

Virtual Sistine Chapel high quality texture mapped virtual model by Musei Vaticani