R.275 Modern House Small initial statement about the limited edition book and new page on blog inviting email enquiries for … More

Dye not Pigment

For an exhibition later this year I’m looking for a print solution that will fade in sunlight, had a brief conversation … More

Inkjet fade tests

I’ve long been interested in oxidative fading. The process by which ink fades when in contact with UV light. I’ve … More

Book structure

The structure of the book is coming together. I’m pricing 250mm x 200mm landscape, 40 printed pages, hardback cover, end … More


Alfred Siteglitz Equivalents, over 220 unmanipulated photographs of the sky taken between 1925 and 1934. The pictures function as metaphors of emotional experience … More

Virtual Sistine Chapel

Virtual Sistine Chapel high quality texture mapped virtual model by Musei Vaticani

Wedgwood Blue

Classic artist book by William Eggleston containing photos of skies. Contents: Poem by William Butler Yeats 15 chromogenic coupler prints Edition … More