Online Shop – how it works using Paypal

I’ve used Paypal ‘website payments standard’ to facilitate the shop on this blog. A brief word about how it works and my experience of using this so far.

  • First sign up for a Paypal account and once that’s all verified it’s simple and free to upgrade to a business account.
  • The principle is to create a unique button for each item you sell
  • You input the details about the item (Item name, ID, price) then save each button
  • Paypal generates the code that you need to add to your site
  • Buttons can be customized
  • Inventory feature tracks stock and can send you an alert when stocks are low
  • If you have several similar items to sell, it’s quick to create new buttons based on an existing one

I found the process pretty quick once I’d got used to how it works BUT criticisms are that the Paypal site logs you out quickly (presumably a security feature) so if you are doing several buttons this can be a pain. Especially as you can’t easily log straight back in to buttons you have saved and the ‘Merchant Services’ section has to pop-up in a new browser window each time. Not great usability.

As I mentioned before, there is a problem with WordPress reading the Paypal code. It gets partially deleted so you have to use the code generated for email by Paypal. A bit confusing.

Overall quick and easy to use but then Paypal make their money from this kind of thing, I’m sure it could be better.


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