A New Approach – Optimism Revisited

Having inspected the first proof I decided to reconsider how to produce the edition. I chose to make each series of work as a separate publication. The advantage of doing this meant I could consider formats and materials which would enhance each concept. Having looked at high quality finishing and being disappointed with the outcome I wanted to try a new approach.

IMG_1758For the series Optimism Revisited I chose to create a smaller format which I think gives a more personal aspect to presenting this work. This work is very much about the phenomological response of the viewer, the feeling the viewer gets from looking at these pictures. The process I used makes these photographs appear similar to watercolour sketches, I wanted to emulate this in a lightweight journal type format. I chose a  blurb format but also wanted to retain a personalised approach, so added a handmade card insert and sign each copy.


The edition is available to buy here


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