First proof

With all the hand finishing complete I could evaluate the outcome of this first proof.

I chose to combine two different series of work to act as a visual and conceptual counter-point to one another. I think this works pretty well – one series, Optimism Revisited, uses deliberately bright and vivid colours whilst R.275 Modern House has a muted colour palette throughout. The two fit well conceptually as both are derived from found objects and both consider social themes which connect to people’s relationships with landscape and the built environment.


I was dissatisfied with the quality of finish.

  • Combination of papers not as effective
  • Reproduction of images was not as good as I’d hoped.
  • The dustjacket was slightly too heavy to function effectively as the pocket system I had envisaged.

Ultimately the costs involved are too high to make the combination of high-end blurb book and my own personal finishing options work.

  • Price would have to be very high just to cover the production costs,
  • Add in time, labour, postage & packaging and this option isn’t viable.

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