Optimism Revisited – Exhibition

I was asked to submit a piece of work to Opus Art Gallery for their coming exhibition Answers on the Front of a Postcard. Rather than simply submit an existing piece from my series Optimism Revisited I chose to create a new piece in a small edition of just 3 copies.


This work, ‘Optimism Revisited D.L6.5138’ measures 148 x105mm and is derived from a postcard featuring the steel sphere of the Dounreay nuclear reactor which is currently undergoing decommissioning.

With many of Britain’s nuclear power stations coming to the end of their life, the topic is once again in the news  Viable alternatives such as wind turbines seem to be losing credibility but the skills to implement a new nuclear program may to have been lost in this country.

The original postcard was issued to celebrate the Dounreay power plant, I hope to recapture some of that feeling and personally, I like to remain optimistic.

The work will be on show from 8th December 2012 – Opus Fine Art, Martin House, Sheep Street, Stow on the Wold, GL54 1AA


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