Optimism Revisited – New Skies for East London, Exhibition

Throughout Photomonth East London Photography Festival several pieces of work from the series Optimism Revisited were exhibited on notice boards outside Tower Hamlets police stations.


Each print is designed to gradually fade when subjected to sunlight throughout the coarse of the exhibition. Here’s what people have been saying about the exhibition:

  • “Maybe I just have a thing for photos of clouds, but I think Paul Greenleaf’s New Skies is a fabulous concept. Sun-sensitive images of clouds (which alter with time and exposure to light) will be displayed incongruously on East London’s Police Station billboards, between Oct 1st- Nov 30th.” Imaginadium
  • “Police in Tower Hamlets have teamed up with photographer Paul Greenleaf for an experiment in light – as part of the Photomonth exhibition. While you’re having look, see if you recognise any of our most-wanted suspects in the adjacent notice boards.” Met Police
  • Once you get used to the idea that the Photomonth International photography festival runs for two months instead of one, you can start to get excited about the number of exhibitions, talks, seminars and workshops on offer.There are simply too many events and exhibitions to list (more than 200), but here’s five selections: New Skies (for East London) by Paul Greenleaf…” Great Biritish Mag

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