Edition Quantity & Price

For each publication I decided on different quantities to produce… For Optimism Revisited the specifications are: 100 copies (plus 5 AP’s) 150 … More

First proof

With all the hand finishing complete I could evaluate the outcome of this first proof. I chose to combine two … More

Optimism Revisited

Optimism Revisited, 52 Skies I have completed the initial set of images for this series. details of which can be … More

Reincarnation Exhibition

‘R.275 Modern House’ book and a print from the series ‘Optimism Revisited’ features in Reincarnation Exhibition “An exhibition featuring artists … More

Dye not Pigment

For an exhibition later this year I’m looking for a print solution that will fade in sunlight, had a brief conversation … More

Inkjet fade tests

I’ve long been interested in oxidative fading. The process by which ink fades when in contact with UV light. I’ve … More