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R.275 Modern House – Press Article

“A model of suburban living – Paul Greenleaf deconstructs the modern house, with help from a Hornby miniature”. Read the full article here East London Guardian Advertisements

R.275 Modern House – Exhibition

R.275 MODERN HOUSE 9260.L   C-type print, 28 x 23 inch (711 x 584 mm) Work from the series R.275 Modern House features in ‘Detached – A joint exhibition examining the surfaces and depths of two buildings featuring work by Paul Greenleaf and Paul Tucker‘ at Penny Fielding Gallery, Walthamstow, London E17 until january 7th 2013 Exhibition open Wed /Thur […]

Edition Quantity & Price

For each publication I decided on different quantities to produce… For Optimism Revisited the specifications are: 100 copies (plus 5 AP’s) 150 x 230mm 20pp plus cover plus card insert I’ve set an initial price of £12.00 + shipping  (I may have to revise this depending on demand) For R.275 Modern House the specifications are: 1000 copies 145 x 195mm […]

A new approach – R.275 Modern House

Having inspected the first proof I decided to reconsider how to produce the edition. I chose to produce each series of work as a separate publication. The advantage of doing this meant I could consider formats and materials which would enhance each concept. Having looked at high quality finishing and being disappointed with the outcome […]

First proof

With all the hand finishing complete I could evaluate the outcome of this first proof. I chose to combine two different series of work to act as a visual and conceptual counter-point to one another. I think this works pretty well – one series, Optimism Revisited, uses deliberately bright and vivid colours whilst R.275 Modern House has a […]


Having received my blurb book which is linen covered hardback with gloss dustjacket my plan was to hand-finish various aspects of each copy. This would mean embossing (or technically debossing) an image on the linen, refolding the dustjacket and cutting some of the pages to differentiate sections in the book. I arranged to have the embossing […]

Reincarnation Exhibition

‘R.275 Modern House’ book and a print from the series ‘Optimism Revisited’ features in Reincarnation Exhibition “An exhibition featuring artists and designers who breathe new life into old styles, creatively employing discarded materials, processes and identities in graphic art.” 15 Sept – 24 Nov 2012 London Print Studio 425 Harrow Road, London W10 4RE UK […]